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Hanbang Mein Cosmetics http://www.hbmic.com

Address : 29, Seongseogongdanbuk-ro 4-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu | Purchase : Internet shopping mall (hbmic.com/shop/)
About the company
  • established in 1985
  • The cosmetics are based on recipes secretly handed down in Korean royal families. They are based on natural plant extracts.
  • passed the USFDA cosmetics safety test
  • registered as a USFDA cosmetics manufacturing factory
  • ISO 9001(quality) / ISO 14001(environment) system certification
  • These products are approved as functional cosmetics by KFDA (whitening, removing wrinkles and multi-functional).
  • These products are not sold in the market. They are used by professional skin care companies. Their efficacy and effects are excellent.
  • We are supplying our products to 140 skin care departments in colleges, beauty academies, and skin care clinics.
  • We are exporting our products to the US (New York Medical Center), Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), Holland, Denmark, Estonia, France, Belgium, Singapore, China (80 or so department stores and 60 outlets), Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Cambodia and Saudi Arabia.
  • Our products are divided into products for consumers, products for skin care clinics and products for door-to-door sales.
  • The prices of our products are also divided into the high-priced product group, the intermediate-priced product group and the low-priced product group.
  • Our six brands are classified into 4 lines depending on the conditions of the skin. (whitening, wrinkles, moisturizing/pacifying, and pimple line)
  • We are producing 400 types of functional basic cosmetics, sheet masks, tone cosmetics, hair, body, natural herbal packs, natural oil, and natural aroma products.
Major Products
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