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Choiwon FreeMo http://www.freemo.co.kr/
  • Address :  5, Seongdang-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
  • Parking :  Its own parking lot.(for 10 cars)
About the Choiwon FreeMo

Choiwon FreeMo with a 30-year history makes functional wigs fit to the facial forms and head shape of Koreans based on the clinical experience and data that CEO Won-Hee Choi gained on the shop floor. We supply custom-made wigs to meet new customer needs.

FreeMo boasts of a natural brow line, excellent wearability, and natural parting of the hair. As the color and style of the wig are customized to consumers, they are very natural.

Profile of Won-Hee Choi
- Master Craftsman of Korea (No. 02-03)
- Received industrial citation No. 7150
- Named Master Korean No. 19
- Acquired the national beautician's license
- Director of the Korean Association of Masters
- Chairman of the technical committee of the Korean Barbers' Association
- Judge and supervisor for World Skills and national technical tests
Photographs of inside and outside of the building
  • Choiwon FreeMo Photo1
  • Choiwon FreeMo Photo2
  • Choiwon FreeMo Photo3
  • Choiwon FreeMo Photo4
  • Choiwon FreeMo Photo5
  • Choiwon FreeMo Photo6
  • Choiwon FreeMo Photo7
  • Choiwon FreeMo Photo8
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