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Daegu Fashion Fair

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The mecca of Asian textile and fashion leading the global market, Daegu!
The Daegu Fashion Fair, which began in 2006 when the knowledge-creative free economic zone was designated, is an international fashion event supported by the Government and the Daegu metropolitan government to support the Daegu textile and fashion industry and promote globalization.
Daegu Fashion Fair Overview
Event Title :  Daegu Fashion Fair
Venue :  Daegu EXCO New Wing/Collection, Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry(San Gyeok)
Exhibition List :  Women's and Men's Clothing, Casual, Sports Wear, Accessoriesc, Fashion Materials, etc.
Homepage http://www.fashiondaegu.com

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An international fashion show hosted by the Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry
The Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry is a production technology research institute under the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. It was established with the aim of conducting R&D and providing support necessary for the technological innovation of the fashion and sewing industry, e.g. <provision of fashion trends and fashion design development support> <hosting the Daegu Collection and national college student Fashion Show> <supporting participation in foreign fashion shows and marketing support> <R&D and manpower development> <building the fashion resource center, the fashion library, and the creative design studio>. The Daegu Fashion Fair is an international fashion show that will allow you to take a look at everything about the Asian textile fashion in one location. 15,000 people, including fashion designers, marketers, and officials from the fashion industry and the cultural circles, attend the fair annually. It is a brand fair for finished fashion products that showcases brands leading the latest fashion trends, and provides an opportunity to share attractive fashion codes with designers.