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A variety of beauty festivals in Daegu

You are invited to colorful festivals of Daegu.
  • Daegu Fashion Fair photo

    Daegu Fashion Fair | http://www.fashiondaegu.com
    The Daegu Fashion Fair, which began in 2006 when the knowledge-creative free economic zone was designated, is an international fashion event supported by the Government and the Daegu metropolitan government to support the Daegu textile and fashion industry and promote globalization.
  • Daegu International Optical Show photo

    Daegu International Optical Show | http://www.diops.co.kr
    It is the only optical show in Korea that has been held every year since 2001. Its purpose is to identify new clients and expand export channels, and reinvigorate the domestic market. In 2012 the Daegu International Optical Show was merged with EXPOLOOK, and became much bigger and diversified.
  • Daegu fashion jewelry week photo

    Daegu fashion jewelry week | http://festival.dgj.co.kr
    The wedding gift festival began in October 2004 to publicize and promote the Gyodong jewelry street, and the street was designated as the Daegu Fashion & Jewelry District in June 2005. To invigorate the festival, the festival was renamed the [Daegu fashion and jewelry festival], and became a new festival publicizing the district.
  • Daegu International Bodypainting Festival photo

    Daegu International Bodypainting Festival | http://www.dibf.co.kr/html
    The most colorful event in the world! The best bodypainting artists from around the world allows you to enjoy fantastic bodypainting in various categories using various materials and techniques, and the special works of art combined with fantastic costumers and stage effects.