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Special street

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A place where the beauty of Daegu is made

Visit this special street where beauty services, such as nail, clothing and jewelry, are concentrated.
  • Nail art alley Photo

    Nail art alley Reducing stress and enjoying youth ~
    The nail art alley right next to the Gallery Zone is between the Rodeo Street lined with various clothes shops, bars and restaurants, and the Yasi Alley. As the Rodeo Street and the Yasi Alley are the fashion centers of Daegu frequented by young women, nail art shops...
  • Yasi Alley Photo

    Yasi Alley Fashion mecca of Daegu for practical stylists
    The alley on the right-hand side off the road from the Goryeo Honey Shop in Samdeok-dong to Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute is jampacked with small clothing stores. This is the famous 'Yasi Alley' of Daegu.
  • Fashion jewelry town Photo

    Fashion jewelry town Jewelry from around the country are all here! Mecca of wedding presents!
    The 'Fashion Jewelry Town' with 2 underground levels and 8 stories above ground in front of Donga Department Store in Jung-gu, Daegu is the only jewelry complex in the country that has a one-stop system in which jewelry is manufactured, displayed and sold at the same time.
  • Daegu Fashion & Jewelry District Photo

    Daegu Fashion & Jewelry District The only jewelry district in Korea that has been in existence since 1970
    The current Daegu Fashion & Jewelry District came into being spontaneously in the 1970's with the watch stores of the Gyodong market playing the central role. The business district was developed with focus on watch repairs and sale of used products...
  • Daebong-dong wedding street Photo

    Daebong-dong wedding street beginning and end of wedding preparations
    Going from the Daebong-dong branch of Daegu Bank toward the Samdeok intersection, you will find wedding-related shops like wedding shops, Hanbok galleries and wedding galleries on either side of the 4-lane road.