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A town of beautiful ladies

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Daegu Photo

There are many different ways to call Daegu, but the most famous nickname is the 'town of beautiful ladies'.

It means that there are many beautiful ladies in Daegu. If you walk along Dongseongno, the central shopping district of Daegu, you will naturally realize why Daegu is called the 'town of beautiful ladies'. There have been a great number of Miss Korea winners from Daegu second only to Seoul, and most entertainers from Daegu are actors. This clearly shows that the phrase ‘Daegu is the town of beautiful ladies’ is quite true.

Daegu was famous for its apples one time. They used to say “Daegu apples are rich in vitamin C..” connecting Daegu beauty to apples, but as a matter of fact, Daegu beauty is attributable to the natural beauty and the invigorated local beauty industry.

Human faces are divided into the northern type and the southern type. Daegu is in the middle of these two types, conforming to the conditions of beauty formed in modern times. The beauty service industry, which began when some prestigious beauty parlors led various beauty pageants, was extended to hair, makeup, nail art and skin care, resulting in mutual competition. The high level of skills,, outstanding facilities, and their service-oriented mind-set made Daegu what it is today, the mecca of the beauty service industry.