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How to use these beauty shops

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First in Korea! The ‘Beauty tour’ of Daegu, the town of beautiful ladies will make you beautiful.
Start or end your tour of Daegu with the ‘Beauty tour.’
Attractions in the vicinities
There are a variety of attractions around the certified shops for beauty tour. Let’s introduce a few attractions so that you can pay a visit to in your spare time.
Daegu Modern AlleyAttractions in the vicinities 01
There are a thousand stories in a thousand alleys. The [Modern Alley Tour] is an environment-friendly green tour in which you will walk alongside modern buildings and down the alleys. You can experience the modern culture of Daegu by visit the Modern Culture Museum, and the old houses of Sang-Hwa Lee and Sang-Don Suh.
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Kim Gwang-Seok RoadAttractions in the vicinities 02
East of the Bangcheon market, about 350m along the causeway near Sincheondaero, there is a street of murals themed around the life and music of the late Mr. Gwang-Seok Kim. Many fans of Gwang-Seok Kim and tourists visit this new attempt to combine a traditional market with art.
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Daegu Yangnyeongsi (drug market)Attractions in the vicinities 03
Daegu Yangnyeongsi with a 350-year-long history and tradition was recognized in 2001 by Guinness Korea as the oldest drug market in Korea. There are 150 or so companies related to oriental medicine, and you can enjoy various attractions like the oriental medicine festival, and the oriental medicine museum.
  • Daegu Yangnyeongsi (drug market) picture1
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Dongseongno + Yasi AlleyAttractions in the vicinities 04
Dongseongno is the busiest street in Daegu famous for shopping, dining and culture, and Yasi Alley is the fashion mecca for the smart fashionistas of Daegu. In a space within the radius of about 500m, you can enjoy shopping and cultural facilities like a traditional market (Gyodong market), an underground shopping area, and a department store.
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Beauty-related attractions of DaeguAttractions in the vicinities 05
There are many different ways to call Daegu, but the most famous nickname is the 'town of beautiful ladies'.
Visit the street where the beauty of Daegu is made, and beauty services like nail,
lothing and jewelry are concentrated.
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