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How to use these beauty shops

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First in Korea! The ‘Beauty tour’ of Daegu, the town of beautiful ladies will make you beautiful.
Start or end your tour of Daegu with the ‘Beauty tour.’
Beauty tour service reservation
If you are using a tourist agency, you can use your tour guide to make reservations. If a foreign tourist makes reservations for himself, please read the following instructions.
Instructions for reservation
  • You cannot make same-day reservations. Please make reservations well in advance.
  • Additional charges may be made for the service products of certified shops for beauty tour depending on their length (hair), operations, procedures, materials used and design.
  • 5 or fewer visitors, please call for individual reservations, and 6 or more visitors, please make group reservations. Group reservations will get special treatment, and the contact person will give them a call.
    If you don’t get a phone call within 24 hours, please call for confirmation.
    Phone for group reservation : 82-53-425-8252

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