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How to use these beauty shops

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First in Korea! The ‘Beauty tour’ of Daegu, the town of beautiful ladies will make you beautiful.
Start or end your tour of Daegu with the ‘Beauty tour.’
How to select a certified shop for beauty tour
The certified shops for beauty tour are approved by Daegu, You can trust all of them. But which is the best shop? It’s hard to decide! We will tell you two ways to select shops through the homepage.
One. See the page introducing shops.
On the page introducing the shops for beauty tour, you can view detailed information like prices, maps and photographs as well as phone numbers and addresses.

Shortcuts to certified shops for beauty tour

Two. Search for a shop you want.
If you want to search for a shop you want, use the ‘Customized search’ service of beauty tour. If you enter the service, area and price range you want, it will be immediately picked from all certified shops for beauty tour, and displayed on the screen.

Shortcut for customized search