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What is a certified shop for beauty tour?

> Beauty Tour Guide > What is a certified shop for beauty tour?

뷰티투어 로고


There are many excellent beauty shops at Donseongro, Jung-gu, Daegu, the town of beauty, and near the tourist hotels where foreigners stay. Among them, the leading beauty shops representing the local community will provide domestic and foreign tourists visiting Daegu with high-quality beauty service and new beauty tour contents, thereby contributing to the promotion of the tourist industry.

Beauty tour logo

The beauty tour logo contains the vision of the beauty industry of Daegu, the town of beauty, i.e. invigorating the total beauty tour. The beautiful profile of a lady wearing earrings symbolically represents the basic elements of beauty like hair beauty service, skin care service and jewelery, and the small circles in the background express the varied colors of nail art and the images of colorful Daegu.